Chicago Opportunity Exchange: Connecting business with talent

The Chicago Opportunity Exchange is a web-based talent matching tool that addresses the unique recruiting needs of small and mid-sized businesses. It guides employers through an easy posting process, and intelligently sorts thousands of profiles to instantly provide employers a list of candidates based on their specific hiring needs. Through A.I. technology, the COE eliminates unconscious bias from the hiring process. 

Find the Best Fit, Faster
  • Helps Hiring Managers and Recruiters to Get on the Same Page
  • Provides Clarity on Alignment at a Level Deeper than Traditional Resumes and Job Descriptions
Support Increased Diversity and Inclusion
  • Masks Candidate Information that is Prone to Bias 
  • Provides Real-Time Candidate Pool Demographic Reporting by Position
Optimize Candidate Utilization
  • Automatically Considers Each Applicant for Every Job within a Category
  • Automatically Invites Historic Candidates to Apply to New Openings Relevant to Their Interests



Chicago Opportunity Exchange uses statistically validated questions to conduct sophisticated job matching to high quality talent, increasing the diversity and suitability of your candidate pools. Posting your jobs costs just $39 for 30 days of scoring, screening, and stack-ranking candidates so that you find the right person for your opportunity. Internship postings cost $19. Get started today to be matched with qualified candidates.

For more information, please contact Joey Mak at 312.494.6723 or