The Chicagoland Chamber’s Apprenticeship Program, scheduled to launch in Winter 2019, seeks to replicate the success of the Chicago Apprentice Network by providing IT and other “white collar” apprenticeships to City Colleges of Chicago students. Small and middle market companies, which often struggle to fill in-demand roles and may lack the resources and capacity to take on apprentices and interns, can gain access to this new talent pool. Companies that commit to hosting one or more student-apprentices from City Colleges can be reimbursed for up to 50% of the apprentice’s salary for one year.

Benefit to the Participating Employer

  • One-to-one matching funds through a grant from the Illinois Department of Commerce & Economic Opportunity to cover half of the total cost per apprentice for one year
  • Access to a highly motivated, diverse, and productive talent pool that is less likely to leave than talent from traditional sources[i]
  • City Colleges of Chicago provides student-apprentices with relevant programming and curriculum
  • Pre-apprenticeship training for participants focused on soft skills and professionalism in the workplace and continued professional development training provided through Chamber partners

How it Works

  • Apprentices gain practical work experience (working approximately 25 to 35 hours per week) and on-the-job training at companies while simultaneously taking competency-based classes at City Colleges
  • One-year pilot program launching in January 2020 with an end goal of full-time employment for apprentices who successfully complete the program
  • Companies interview candidates identified in partnership with City Colleges of Chicago and hold all hiring authority to decide whether to select an apprentice for their company
  • Apprentices receive a competitive salary and benefits package (at the discretion of the company) of which 50% is covered through the grant and 50% covered by the company

Apprenticeship tracks include:

  • IT/Tech – Support or Software Development
  • Architecture
  • Accounting Clerk or CPA
  • Manufacturing (Industrial Maintenance)
  • Business Services
  • Manufacturing (CNC Operator)

[i]  U.S. Department of Labor, “Apprenticeship Toolkit, Advancing Apprenticeship as a Workforce Strategy,” https://www.dol.gov/apprenticeship/toolkit/toolkitfaq.htm

For more information or to participate, please contact Kristin Roadman, Director of Talent Programs at  kroadman@chicagolandchamber.org or complete the form below. ↓