Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce Membership Development Committee

The Membership Development Committee determines strategic direction for the membership benefits and services provided by the Chamber. 

Meeting the needs of our members is vital to the organization’s continued growth and vitality. This committee identifies the needs of members to ensure the Chamber offers a solid return on your membership investment. 

The Membership Development Committee Chair or Co-Chairs are appointed by the Chairman of the Chamber, and approved by the Executive Committee. The committee provides valuable insights to the Chamber’s membership team on the best ways to:

  • Grow membership. 
  • Engage current members. 
  • Retain current members. 
  • Evaluate and make recommendations on member benefits.
  • Identify opportunities and business trends in specific industries.

Membership Development Committee

Co-Chair: Jean McLaren, Chief Marketing Officer, MARC USA
Co-Chair: Trista Hannan, Senior Vice President, Client Solutions, Eved, LLC
Member: Tom Conradi, General Manager, Chicago Magazine
Member: Rich Gamble, Senior Vice President of Operations, Chicago Zoological Society/Brookfield Zoo
Member: Maureen Larson, Vice President Lettuce Parties and Special Events, Lettuce Entertain You Enterprises