Encourages members to do business with each other. Strengthens the bonds of the Chamber community. Click here to designate your Chamber Connect Champion now.

Chamber Connect:

  • Intensifies the Chicagoland Chamber's value proposition through a focused commitment to help grow members' businesses.
  • Includes curated connections, and a Speaker's Bureau to generate thought leadership opportunities for Chamber members.
  • Makes participating members aware of business opportunities and highlights connections that led to new business.
  • All Chicagoland Chamber members are encouraged to participate in this program, and are reminded that only the member companies who opt to participate will have access to Chamber Connect features like the new business opportunities report and the Speaker’s Bureau that matches members with thought leadership and public speaking opportunities.

The success of Chamber Connection is directly correlated to member participation. The more members who take part, the more powerful the network effect.

What's next:

Chamber Connect is a significant multi-year undertaking that will be rolled out iteratively in phases. The first 3 phases are most critical and serve as the foundation upon which new features, technology, and functionality will be added.

  • Phase 1: “Chamber Connect Champion” nominations

  • Phase 2: “Member Mapping”

  • Phase 3: “Opportunity Capture & Sharing”

More information on Phases 2 and 3 will be shared via your organization’s Chamber Connect Champion at the completion of Phase 1.

Current Phase: Phase 1 - Chamber Connect Champion

What you need to do:

Designate a point person within your company to serve as the “Chamber Connect Champion”, a.k.a. the primary point of contact for Chamber Connect and the individual managing your company’s participation in the program. This person will be responsible for:

  • Handling incoming communications from Chamber Connect team and fellow members
  • Helping Chamber team conduct “Member Mapping” (Phase 2) to:
    • Give Chamber team better understanding of organization and what type of opportunities would provide the most value to the company
    • Identify key stakeholders within organization and match with Chamber programs likely to provide the most benefit
    • Catalog team members for participation in the “Speaker’s Bureau”
  • Completing the brief (2-3 minutes) monthly questionnaire to submit needs and opportunities for the Chamber Connect program
Suggested criteria for selecting Chamber Connect Champion – staff member should:
  • Be good with people and interpersonal communication since they’ll be representing company with other Chamber members
  • Have access to Executive level management, with the ability to capture needs and opportunities from across the organization and departments
  • Understand the organizations strategy so incoming requests can directed to the proper team, individual, or department
  • Be organized, responsive to communication, and able to get things done within the company

The Chamber Connect Champion is your organization’s conduit for this program, so the person selected will have direct impact on how much your company gets out of the program and the value it brings to the organization.

First Step:

Complete the nomination form below to nominate your company’s Chamber Connect Champion! If you have questions or need help identifying the proper person, we’re happy to help! 

Designate your organization's Chamber Connect Champion: